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About Us

Low-cost hostel in Kiev
Olive Hostel is comfortable and low-cost accommodations in the heart of the city of Kiev. If you like domestic and cosy environment, it worth to stay here. Courteous staff and pleasant ambience will inspire you to save only good and tender memories! We are always sensitive to the wishes of our clients, because to do our best for you our major priority!
Safe accommodations! We are concerned to provide your security and to save your propery! Reliable luggage storage, outdoor video surveillance, 24/7 vigil promote smooth accommodation here for you!
Great places for visiting around! You going to be pleasantly surprised when you will start your trip from our place. Few minutes from the main stadiom of the country "Olimpiysky" (Olimpic Stadium), also you will notice spectacular sport facility "Palats Sportu" (Palace of Sports). Besides you can get to Khreshchatyk, the main street of Kiev as well as a lot of other attractions, showplaces and places of interest. Cinemas, pizzerias, japanese restaurants and sushi-bars, eastern and caucasian cuisines, french pastry and viennese cafes are waiting for you here!

Convenient Location

Within 5 minutes from:
Arena City Trade & Entertainments
Fashionable place saturated with private and public clubs, beauty salons, interior and design studios, indoor and outdoor restaurants, discos, outlets etc.
Gulliver Skyscraper
161 meters (528 feet) height building includes 160 shops, stores and boutiques, bowling, bars, restaurants, karaoke, cinema etc.
«BILLA» and «Furshet» Supermarkets
Wide range of grocery stores and outlets for purchasing essential goods for basic necessities
Subway and traffic interchange
Convenient traffic interchange of all road users (motor vehicles, buses, trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians)

Olive Hostel accommodation rules

1. Check-in to the hostel is possible only upon presentation of a passport or other identity document (ID).
2. Filling of registration form is required
3. Full amount payment at the moment of registration is needed. Payment is not refundable.
4. Administration is able to reject accommodations without explanation.
5. Accommodation of kid under 5 y.o. without place (bed) is free of charge
6. Check-in time 13:00 (1 PM), check-out time 12:00 (12 PM) of the next day
  • Early check-in (from 6:00 (6 AM) till 13:00 (1 PM)) charges as 50% (1/2) of per day price. You must contact us to make sure an ability of early check-in in advance.
  • Late check-out (till 18:00 (6 PM) of the next day) charges as 50% (1/2) of per day price. Later than 18:00 (6 PM) charges as 100% of per day price!
  • In the case you will not check-out after appropriate time without agreement with hostel administration, we reserve the right to accomplish check-out even if the guest is phisically absent at the moment.
7. Hostel administration is not responsible for the safety of property, if it has not been deposited in safe before or abandoned unattended.
8. The following actions are prohibited on the hostel territory (penalty for violation is 100 UAH):
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking narcotics
  • Littering
  • Making noise and disturbing the rest of inhabitants of the hostel
  • Placing animals on the territory of the hostel
9. It is forbidden to accommodate friends and acquaintances in your room without preliminary accordance of administration or later than 22:00 (10 PM). In the case the person remains in the room after 22:00 (10 PM) you must pay for this person accommodation.
10. We are not responsible for the range of problems caused of urban infrastructure and utilities work interruption (such as power outage, water or heating stoppage etc.)
11. Violation of the accommodation rules or inappropriate behaviour regarding other inhabitants or staff causes immediate check-out without refund of the payment!
12. In the case of material damage (interior, tableware, appliances etc.) the customer must pay the penalty imposed by the hostel administrator.
13. Olive Hostel reserves the right to change the prices of services.
Dear customer, we're waiting for you eagerly!